As the myth goes, two friends were out hunting in the Asante forests, when they stumbled upon an awe-inspiring sight — a spider weaving its fine silk into an intricate web. They spent two days observing nature unfold itself like they had never seen before. How can something so beautiful be missed? The two returned home determined to capture the phenomenon into a tangible means of expression, one that they could share with the world.

They picked garments, and what allegedly transpired became the African garments we wear and see around the world. To this day, the design and colors used in the materials echo the intricacies of nature, along with the traditional values and rich culture of the African continent.

While the story is but a bonfire tale, it’s been lived again and again, in the shoes of locals and visitors alike. As long as you open your eyes, you will find what they found — life’s hidden gems peeping every now and then in small pockets of time. Most fail to grasp, simply because they’re not paying attention. Fresca was woven into existence by these defining moments. When we took notice of what was staring us in the face, our world view changed for the better.

Brightening up the world, One fabric at a time
Ten years ago, before Fresca was founded, a few of us took a trip to West Africa. The moment we arrived, we were immersed into a kaleidoscope of sensory-fueled experiences. We anticipated a culturally shocking experience as such to reconfigure our how we saw the world, but what followed came as a surprise. Each of us was propelled by this undying spark of determination to take what we had experienced and share it with the world. Like the two friends from the legend, we picked garments as our medium of expression, and Fresca was born.

Today, Fresca is a pioneering manufacturer and distributor of premium African garments. Our vision is to become the leading e-commerce retailer for bold and striking wax print fabrics. Fresca aims to provide only the very best of quality fabrics to its customers. Our in-house design team focuses on creating innovative and unique designs – constantly adapting and changing depending on the latest trends in the market. Our colours are vibrant, bold and often animated. Once our designs are complete, we send them to our factory where quality control is stringent and consistent. We make sure every minute design and even the smallest of colours adheres to our specifications. There are no compromises.

We’re headquartered in Thailand and export our wax fabric creations worldwide. Our company prides itself on quality and strives to deliver the best wearing experience to our customers. We source 100% cotton fabric from local Thai farmers. We use top-of-the-line wax and embroidery print machinery to deliver vivid colour and better finish. While the fabrics aren’t sourced in Africa, we have a team of fashion designers dedicated to preserving traditional African influences, which inspired our brand into existence. Customers can browse and shop our collections in one of two ways: online and retail. Located in Pratunam, Bangkok, our retail shop services local buyers and tourists with a convenient one-stop shop. We offer a wide range of prints and garments: Angelina, Fresca Originals, Kente, Super Silver Collection, Super Wax, Two Tone Exclusive and Wax Embroidery. Our collection includes over 160 wax prints, 14 garment styles and a variety of colors.

Fresca is more than just a clothing company in a niche market. We are a mission-driven brand. We thread values and tradition into our designs in a way that elevates style and preserves African culture. Fresca strives to empower people with a way to express themselves through fashion, as African tribal women who embody their personalities and interests through what they wear. Customers are the most important part of our business. We want to achieve a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with our buyers. There is never a time we do not think of society and the community we live in. We believe in fair and just practices, treating our employees equally and giving back to our community.

We employ sustainable practices and initiatives in corporate social responsibility. Fresca is a company that values its extended family, from our employees to partners to customers. We work with local Thai farmers to bring our customers top quality African fabrics. In addition to creating jobs for locals, we are dedicated to combating socioeconomic problems facing African community. We have set up a variety of program initiatives, from sustainability programs and job creation for local farmers to awareness campaigns on prevalent African health issues like malnutrition.