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Destination CountryEstimated Delivery Time
China3 Days
United Kingdom5 Days
United States4 Days
Hong Kong2 Days
Japan2 Days
Australia6 Days
Thailand2 Days
Netherlands4 Days
Pakistan3 Days
United Emirates3 Days
Singapore4 Days
India4 Days
Malaysia3 Days
Indonesia3 Days
France7 Days
Germany4 Days
South Korea3 Days
Costa Rica23 Days
Canada5 Days
Sri Lanka2 Days
Italy5 Days
Taiwan2 Days
Saudi Arabia2 Days
Philippines2 Days
Egypt6 Days
Poland4 Days
Hungary2 Days
Romania7 Days
Mongolia2 Days
Uzbekistan23 Days
Bangladesh3 Days
Ireland6 Days
Kuwait2 Days
Cambodia2 Days
Switzerland4 Days
New Zealand9 Days
Syria7 Days
Brazil4 Days
South Africa8 Days
Sweden4 Days
Denmark2 Days
Norway15 Days
Ethiopia2 Days
Nigeria4 Days
Sudan2 Days
Spain2 Days
Nepal2 Days
Finland2 Days
Trinidad And Tobago6 Days
Turkey23 Days
Uruguay12 Days
Mexico10 Days
Bulgaria6 Days
Maldives12 Days
Macau2 Days
Malta12 Days