We at Fresca believe in having a positive impact beyond the styles we dress. We strive to align our business goals with our brand value. From the beginning, we have been dedicated to creating a humanistic brand that embodies what we stand for, from self-expression to cultural awareness to philanthropy.

Fresca focuses on raising awareness and creating positive impact through philanthropy. We designed a holistic corporate social responsibility program, which drives local and global progress through economic, social and environmental initiatives. Our agenda includes
sustainable practices, education, health, culture and volunteering. We strongly believe
sustainability isn’t just important for people and the planet, but also vital for business success. Since we’re based in Thailand, we are focused on driving progress in local communities, by first tackling major socioeconomic issues prevalent in the region. As we grow, our goal is to scale our philanthropic programming.

Here are the major ways we make an impact locally across Thailand:

Source locally and sustainably
We source and manufacturer in Thailand, working with local Thai farmers to bring our
customers top quality African fabrics. We equip farmers with sustainable agriculture best practices.

Create job opportunities
We swear by the power of investing in people to make meaningful change. From
employing local Thai farmers to developing communities, we create jobs in and around
the farm. Our goal is to stimulate regional economies, so that the community grows with

Educate the youth
We are committed to making education accessible for all. By establishing and investing in schools, we are working on our goal, on community at a time. With a strong
foundation, the youth of Thailand can be guaranteed a bright future.

Encourage Service & Citizenship
We promote civic duty by carrying it out ourselves. We have a range of volunteering
opportunities across our programming, which successfully activates community
involvement across age groups.
Here are some key humanitarian projects, highlighting our local impact on Thai communities:


● Thai Sikh Patronage Thailand developed and donated 30+ schools – one per province.


● Held blood drive at Gurudwara Sahib by Red Cross on 14 August. Youth actively
participate and promote blood donations.
● Donated building to Health Department, to be turned into a Medical facility, servicing the
Nakorn Chaisee community.
● Donate regularly to HIV/AIDS victims in Wat Pra Baht Nam Phu, Lopburi)


● Thai India Association for Peace and Happiness joined forces with BMA and Health
department to donate rice and essentials to the local community in Nonthaburi. Presided
by deputy Bangkok governor.
● Thai Sikh Community distributed food stuff to 300+ refugee families in Prachauthit with
Kiran Care, including Christian families who have been persecuted in Pakistan.
● Thai Sikh Patronage donated 200 Packets of 5kg Wheat Flour for 200 needy families