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We at Fresca believe in having a positive impact beyond the styles we dress. We strive to align our business goals with our brand value. From the beginning, we have been dedicated to creating a humanistic brand that embodies what we stand for, from self-expression to cultural awareness to philanthropy. Continue Reading “Corporate Social Responsibility: Driving change one fabric at a Time”

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Colour pallets and tones are endless. From bright blue hues, to deep, earthy maroons to sunny shades of golden, the options to create the perfect canvas are limitless.

And thus began the birth of Fresca, the first of many collections. We selected a series of similar shades: dark reds, deep browns, and dusky greens. Once the colours were selected, we moved onto our designs, drawing inspiration from Mother Nature herself. Originating in Thailand, it was easy to take in our surroundings and draw similarities between our forests, and that of the African woodlands. From intricate designs, to earthy colours – our factory tried its very best to meet our high expectations. With constant feedback, criticism and discussion – our Fresca was born. Continue Reading “Birth To Life – Fresca”

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As the myth goes, two friends were out hunting in the Asante forests, when they stumbled upon an awe-inspiring sight — a spider weaving its fine silk into an intricate web. They spent two days observing nature unfold itself like they had never seen before. How can something so beautiful be missed? The two returned home determined to capture the phenomenon into a tangible means of expression, one that they could share with the world. Continue Reading “The Fabric of Existence”

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