Colour pallets and tones are endless. From bright blue hues, to deep, earthy maroons to sunny shades of golden, the options to create the perfect canvas are limitless.

And thus began the birth of Fresca, the first of many collections. We selected a series of similar shades: dark reds, deep browns, and dusky greens. Once the colours were selected, we moved onto our designs, drawing inspiration from Mother Nature herself. Originating in Thailand, it was easy to take in our surroundings and draw similarities between our forests, and that of the African woodlands. From intricate designs, to earthy colours – our factory tried its very best to meet our high expectations. With constant feedback, criticism and discussion – our Fresca was born.

As our first collection became an instant hit with our buyers in Thailand and beyond, we knew it was time to develop Fresca’s siblings; and thus came, Super Wax. After several visits to Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal, we realised there was much more to be done in order to really meet the needs of our buyers. With this collection, we wanted to be bolder, brighter and braver with our hues. Every canvas needed a contrast: lime green with yellow, bright purple with orange, some images even had a combination of three contrast colours. The designs were bigger, more animated, and more attractive.

This collection cemented our position in the market. We constantly rolled in more designs and more variations of colours to further fill in our product lines. New collections were created – including our unique Super Silver, which combines stunning metallic embellishments on bold colours, and Kente, which incorporates striking geometric designs appealing directly to our Ghanaian base.

Our newest brainchild rolled out in 2016 was Embroidery Wax. We combined our two core competencies – wax & embroidery and created embroidery inspired designs on wax prints. Being the only of its kind in the market gave us our unique selling point compared to our competitors. The striking embroidery print on our bold designs has proved that constant innovation is important.